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Possible Design Service?!

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Okay, so I've been designing websites for a few years now. I've attempted to get graphic design sites off the ground in the past and have yet to actually succeed. Of course, the most successful one that I've run is the now-defunct screamdesigns.org - and, to be honest, I can't remember why I gave it the name that I did. The designs weren't even all that good in the grand scheme of things...but they were apparently good enough for other people to copy?

Anyway, here's what I'm getting at. I'm going to try yet again to get a design site off the ground. It'll be a subdomain off of this main domain, of course, but it's still going to be it's own separate thing. The primary difference between the new site and my old one? NO MORE CUSTOM WORDPRESS THEMES.

Why? I haven't figured out how to actually code custom themes for the newer versions of WordPress. That's why the site itself will probably be hosted on tumblr while the demos will be hosted on the domain. I haven't actually decided on that yet. What I do know? My focus will be on animanga-based designs because that's what I have the most fun with. I've got nothing against celebrity designs, of course - but anime & manga is something that I have fun with.

I will, of course, still do custom celebrity designs - but those will cost more money than anime/manga designs because I don't have as much fun with the actual design aspect.

Oh, and just so nobody asks...don't worry about Coppermine. The base structure and CSS hasn't changed so drastically that I need to re-learn it, and the necessary PHP codes are included with whatever CPG version a person is working with so the most that will happen there is that I'll request more information than I did in the past. But hey, at least I'll still make Coppermine themes from scratch, right?

P.S. - I think I figured out a way to make a MySQL-based blog system that isn't WordPress work...I just need to not have comments since I'm constantly scared that I'll be filled with SPAM.

Ahh! A first post re-do?

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I technically already made my first blog post while we were still on free hosting - but, whatever, I didn't want to download the CuteNews files for ONE POST when I could easily start fresh on a new server. One might think it inefficient, but I would disagree. The content of the post would be mostly redundant because we're definitely not on free hosting anymore. We're on fairly cheap shared hosting instead. To be honest, though, I'm not sure how much of a victory that truly is.

Especially since the "E" key on my laptop's keyboard keeps coming loose and I have no idea how to fix it. Oh well, I'll look it up later. If you saw the previous first post, you'll notice that the date is still the same. This is because I decided that it would be better if this was truly a fresh start (in a sense, anyway). I doubt you did see it, but the meaning behind the decision remains.

Also, ignore the empty sidebar. I plan on filling that out soon. The standard "blog content" boxes as well as some that I hope will be somewhat unique to my own site. This includes a cross-platform music playlist.
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